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Sweet Cake White

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Who doesn’t recognise it? The old fashioned cup cake case, now enlarged to extraordinary proportions! Not for the large appetite but it can be used as a baby’s bath, flower box or garden pot and a nice basket for a dog or cat.

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The Sweet Cake is made of thick synthetic material named Polyethylene and is appropriate for inside or outside use. Polyethylene  is an environmentally friendly material that is resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations so can also be left outdoors in winter. Because polyethylene is UV resistant, they will not become brittle and crack over time, nor will their color fade.

Polyethylene is a very friendly materials for the environment
– It is an economical material: for the world production, only 1% of the total production of natural oil and natural gas is used.
– the production is clean and efficient : the expulsion of dangerous substances is minimal.
– it is extremely suitable for re-use : it can be melted and re-used indefinitely.
– When it can not be re-used, it is an eminent fuel for energy provision.
– Weight: 5 kg

Weight 5 kg

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