Category Projects

Sweet Cake

Who doesn’t recognise it? The old fashioned cup cake case, now enlarged to extraordinary proportions! Not for the large appetite but it can be used as a baby’s bath, flower box or garden pot and a nice basket for a dog or cat. Choose your flavour!

Karlsson clocks

As the Brand manager / product designer / buyer, for Karlsson clocks I designed and or arranged over 80 clock designs a year.

Van der Valk Hotel

For Van der Valk Hotels I designed several modern Ornaments. The hotel, called “Het Arresthuis”, is an historical old prison which was turned into a fancy hotel.


For Leitmotiv we designed a couple of industrial and multifunctional lamps.

The art of curtains

When you close the curtains, a new world opens up. the Art of Curtains is an eye catcher that creates a unique atmosphere without taking up extra space.